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How to cut your utilities bills and save!


Keep a record of your expenses, perhaps on an App on your phone, so that you can see where you are haemorrhaging money the most. Once you know what you are spending you can monitor which strategies work the best for you and if you are saving money. You need to know what you are spending before you can save.

 1.       Phone

You can cut your phone bill down to next to nothing by using Skype, WhatsApp or other free telephony service. Skype even offers low cost international call rates, and other offers which may be applicable to your circumstances.

Shop around for new deals and don’t lock yourself into one provider. Telephone and internet providers are always improving their services and trying to outbid the competition for your business. I cut my internet and phone bill by a third simply by choosing a new provider – keep an eye open for new deals.

Bundle your phone and broadband, but check the terms and fine print so that you don’t over commit. And while you’re at it – do you even need a home line at all? I only ever receive calls from telemarketers and scam-artists.

Upgrade your mobile phone plan if you are constantly going over your limit – it’s cheaper than the excess usage charges.

2.       Take shorter showers

You can use a timer or shower at the gym.

3.       Shop around for utility providers

Use the services of businesses, such as iSelect, that find cheaper rates for you at no cost to you.

Take advantage of pay on time discounts, and set up direct debits to ensure that your bills are paid on time. Some service providers offer a discount if you pay by direct debit, and it saves you at lot of hassle.

Many providers offer further discounts if you bundle up your accounts to one provider, again shop around to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

If you find a better deal – take it. Your old provider may try to coax you back with added discounts.

4.       Negotiate on your car and home insurance every time it’s up for renewal.

 I always manage to negotiate a lower price each year. Many people just allow it to continue without giving it much thought, but you can save a fair bit by giving your insurance company a call to ask for a better rate and seeing if the cover provided till suits your needs. Same goes for health insurance.

5.       Use your major appliances when your price of electricity is lower

 For example overnight or when you have surplus solar power being generated. An energy usage meter, that you keep in your kitchen that is connected to your smart meter wirelessly to determine your solar generation and how much electricity you are consuming. When I note that I am generating more electricity than I am using, I run my major appliances, as it is cheaper to us my own energy than buying off the grid.

 6.       Ditch the second fridge or chest freezer

 Do you really need it anyway? Cutting down will likely reduce your electricity bill as well as your grocery bill if there is less wastage.

7.       Turn the heater down a degree or two

You’ll be saving money and the environment, and get the opportunity to wear your snuggliest jumper, that makes you extra cuddly. You don’t need to make your home into a summer hot house during winter and you don’t need to walk around in a t-shirt at home, you can wear a jumper.

8.       Air dry your clothes rather than tumble dry

 There’s nothing like the smell of freshly sun dried laundry. Often clothes are less wrinkled when allowed to air dry, meaning no or less iron time.

9.       Don’t do a half load in the washer or dishwasher

Wait for a full load, it’ll save you time too in drying and putting away as there are economies in doing a job all at once, we become faster with repetition and save time by focusing on a task rather than bouncing between tasks

10.   Use free Wi-Fi at your local library or shopping centre

 Especially if you have a limited bandwidth on your plan, and excess usage charges are high.

 11.   Set your water heater to the right temperature

 Don’t heat your water to the max then add cold water when you shower. I set mine between 42 and 44 degrees, depending on the time of year.

How do you save money on your Bills? Let us know in the comments section below.


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